22nd Birthday Wishes, message and images

Are you looking for 22nd birthday wishes, greeting or message for your loved one like your friend or family members? You are in a right place where I am going to provide you some unique happy 22nd birthday wishes and images. Celebrating birthday means you want to realize him  how special the person you have! Happy birthday 22 is the time when people are really energetic, responsible and want to lead. So, it’s your duty to remember your loved one to do great work. You should inspire for upcoming days. Some magnificent ideas and happy birthday cards images to wish on 22nd birthday are given below. Now celebrate happy 22nd birthday with your beloved person.

Happy 22nd birthday

You are on 22?? Oh really?? But for me you remain same like a 5 year child. But I can’t ignore your age. I understand you are getting old. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

I pray for you so that this year brings you 22 cars, 22 houses and 22 ladies. And I can use your all property as mine. Hope this year brings you happiness and prosperity. Happy 22nd birthday dear.

This is the day when you came to this world. You grew day by day. Now you are 22. How surprising! I can’t forget when you were so little. I hope you will be 100. Happy 22nd birthday my child.

Take 22 mile long smile for my 22 year old friend. Happy birthday to you friend. I pray for you to be blessed by God and lead a happier life.

I admit you are not a teenager on 22nd birthday. So you can smile by hearing this compliment from me. May your smile can be continued till 100th birthday or more. May you live long and blast your upcoming days with tears of joy.

There is an angel flying on the sky and everybody enjoys his brightening face. Oh! That’s you. Many returns of the day buddy. Happy 22nd birthday my cute angle.

Every year birthday comes to anyone’s life. But can you imagine how special you are because you’ve passed 22 year from your life? So have a smile, go outside and do a party. Happy 22nd birthday,  dear.

Don’t be guilty with your mistake in past years. You are now 22 and matured enough to handle any important decision of your life. I am so proud of you on your 22nd birthday. Happy birthday to my pal.

There can be nothing better for me to be with you on your 22nd birthday. I am so happy and lucky to have you 22 years. May we be 100 years together to celebrate upcoming birthday. Happy birthday my sweet child.

Hey, buddy! Don’t act to be a child. Let’s arrange a party and let’s go for a long trip. Don’t worry.  I will provide all serious things today that you liked and off course it will be great fun. Happy 22nd birthday to you friend.

22nd birthday wishes for love

Congratulations, buddy. Because you’ve successfully completed a milestone  at your age 22. I hope this year brings a lot of happiness in your life. May you live a long years and do great. Happy 22nd birthday.

22 years is not the symbol that you have lost times from your life. It can be symbolized as  a trophy that you earn every year by leading an honest and simple life. I am very proud to wish you on your special day. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

I wish your birthday would be as much as special as you. Although you are a quiet person, I hope you can do much fun that you have not enjoyed before. Happy 22nd birthday.

Happy birthday to an excellent, responsible, sincere, beautiful person who has completed 22 years of life. It is very exciting for me to pass such days with you. I hope I will celebrate every birthday of yours. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

Implement your teaching  from last 22 years to do better in your life. I hope you will bring great impact to your life to be rich and happy. May this birthday turns exciting, enjoying moments for you. Happy 22nd birthday to you my love.

I pray to God for the beauty of this day come  everyday in your life. May our thoughts, goodwill increase day by day. I hope you will be the icon of young people. Happy birthday 22.

Let’s pick the dress of happiness, success and health on your 22nd birthday. Hoping that every year you can pick more beautiful dress on your name. Happy birthday 22 to you.

Let’s close your eyes and pray for healthy, successful life on this year. May this exciting day become more exciting for you. Do fun and enjoy this day in special way. Happy 22nd birthday to you friend.

Don’t think the end of the day would end the happiness, success in your life. This is just beginning to blast with more happiness and more success  in upcoming days. So let’s chill and enjoy this day. Happy 22nd birthday.

Bro, Happy 22nd birthday. Have you looked that You are getting older day by day? Once I would win with you in fight. But now you have become stronger to defeat me. That’s not right, buddy. By the way, I pray so that you will always be happy in your life.

Hope you have found right wishes of birthday. Let’s celebrate now!

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