23rd Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Greeting

23rd birthday

Are you looking over the internet for 23rd birthday wishes or quotes? Here I am going to share with you best birthday wishes. 23 is age of youth, love and time to contribute our earth. So you must inspire him by sending message, happy birthday cards or wishes. It may be your best friend, daughter or son. It may be your girlfriend or boyfriend. However, in this special day you should wish him/her to realize that how special he/she is in your life. Let’s go with 23rd Birthday wishes, quotes and message below.

Happy 23rd Birthday Wishes

Hey, It’s your 23rd birthday. Happy Birthday to the precious person of our life as well as the precious person of the worlds too. Happy Birthday. God bless you.

You’ve turned up 23 years old today. Happy 23rd Birthday too you and I pray you may have many more special day like these. Happy Birthday to the most amazing person.

This day is very precious for us. On these day you were born and today you’ve complete  your 23 years. May God help you to reach your goal. Happy 23rd birthday.

Wishing you a very happy and enjoyable 23rd birthday. I want to pray to God for your happiness and success in future. Happy birthday stay blessed by God and stay happy.

You’re a very important person for us. I’m so grateful to God that he sent you to earth and bless us. You’ve upgraded into 23 year old. Happy 23rd birthday pal.

You’ve grown a lot day by day. Now you’re 23 . May God fulfill all your desire. Be the happiest person forever and ever. We love you.Happy birthday.

You’re older today and by passing a day you’re getting older a day but younger than tomorrow …happy 23rd birthday. Have a safe 24 year journey.

23 years have passed your life but You’re still the same  baby for us. Today is your 23rd birthday.. Have a great birthday and have too much fun..May God bless you and fulfill your dreams. Happy Birthday.

You’re older today and by passing a day you’re getting older a day but younger than tomorrow …happy 23rd birthday ….stay safe stay bless….happy birthday.


Happy 23rd Birthday Quotes and image

You’re 23 years old now and you became enough matured. Do well in your life we’re always be there for you. Happy birthday be happy and the happiest person.

May this day brings you the happiness you wants because it’s your birthday your 23rd birthday. This day is special for you as well as for us also we pray the goodest for you. Happy Birthday

Our life gives us chance a many time or a million time but it’s depends on you how to take the chances  in life and change yours. You’ve grown up enough you’re 23 now. May God bless you with all the happiness of the world happy birthday.

As you know you’re very special and also important for me. Because of you I’ve known the value of love and also known the actual meaning of love. Whenever I saw your face I feel very pleasure that God sent you to me. Happy Birthday.

Do you know you’re a precious gift which sent by the Almighty God to the earth. We love you all today , tomorrow and will forever.  Happy 23rd Birthday. Stay happy stay bless.

Hey baby Girl actually not because you’ve turned 23 but for me you were an angel baby Girl and you’re an baby girl and you will always be a baby girl. Happy 23rd returns of the day.

Do you know being yourself is the most beautiful feeling and I’m glad that you’re beautiful in your own way.  Proud Of yourself for what you’re in today. Happy 23rd birthday be the same person for the rest of your life.

Do something good in life because people will remember you not by your name but for your good work and good behavior to all you’re enough grown up I hope you understand what I want to tell you. All the best for your bright future. Happy 23rd birthday.

May God give you all the happiness that you deserve. Always stay happy and be the best person. Sending you love for being with me all the time that I needed you.I will always there for you also. Happy 23rd birthday have a very good day and I hope you’re having.

This is the age for enjoy a human life. You’re 23 today and hope you’re enjoying your life and the special day as well. Sending virtual hug and love for my special person. Happy Birthday.

Hope you’re having the best birthday of your life and pray your next birthday also be the best birthday. Happy 23rd birthday stay happy forever and ever.

Thanks for being a part of my life I feel complete to have you in my life. You’ve no idea how much you’re important for me and how much I love you. Just want you to be the same person that you’re now. Happy 23rd birthday stay happy and bless always.

I’m very happy for your incredible achievement and today is your 23rd Birthday so i thought today is the best time for congratulating to you and also best wishes for your birthday. Happy birthday

Wishing you a day filled with joy and a year filled with happiness. Hope your special day brings you all that happiness that your heart desires. Happy 23rd birthday.

On your 23rd birthday I  wish you happiness that will never be end and I also wish you success  that success which bring all of joys for you. May God grant my wishes for you and keep happy by the grace of Almighty. Happy birthday.

I wish you many more happiest birthday for your Lifetime. From my cordial heart I pray that may God keep you always happy and fulfill your all wishes.  May God grant your all heart desires and give you success  in your life. Happy 23rd birthday.

Happy birthday to the special person who are the reason of my smile my happiness my joys. I love you for not a hundred but a million time.  I want to spend my whole life with you. Today is the very special day of your life and as well as for mine also. I love you forever..happy 23rd birthday my girl stay happy stay bless and always be with me.

Happy birthday to the love of my life and the most important person of my life. I’m always grateful to God that he sent you to me. I will always love you to the rest of my life  and will always be there for you. You’re my happiness that I never want to lose. Happy 23rd birthday love.

Here is the few numbers of wishes and happiness for you. You’re the most important person of my life and always be a important person for me.You’re my support and my strength and also my love. Happy 23rd birthday have a good and joyful day.

Today is your day your special day but tomorrow will not. Enjoy your day with full of joys and happiness. Celebrity your day with the way you wanted  to celebrate it. Stay happy always and stay always be a good person . Happy 23rd birthday.

Thanks for making a part of your life actually not only a part but for making an important part of your life. You’re such a love that anyone wants you to make a part of their life. Today is your birthday so I  just want to give you a simple wish. Happy 23rd birthday.

You’re my special gift whom I earn from this world. You’re that kind of person who deserve all the precious things and the happiness of the world. May God give you the happiness and keep you happy.  Enjoy your special day happy 23rd birthday.

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